Friday, August 09, 2013

Singapore, Let the Lion Roar

Singapore celebrates its 48th year of independence today. The country derives its name from "Singapura", which means lion-city. Singapore is located in a neighborhood of big economies. There are China, Japan and South Korea to the east, and India to the west. To its immediate south is Indonesia, and further down-under is Australia. The region has had both challenges and opportunities to offer Singapore.

When it first gained independence, Singapore, without natural resources, had hardly any competitive edge over its neighbors. However, the people of Singapore came together with dedication. Under the leadership of a good government, Singapore overcome the challenges it faced and succeeded to transform itself from a small trade-port to a first-world city. Today, Singapore occupies a significant place in the world. Singaporeans are helping other countries to improves their cities. Singapore is now home to the world's best airport and the busiest seaport. It has an excellent public transport system, and its education and healthcare facilities are among the best in the world. Many people overseas know Singapore to be a clean and green city. It is also famous for the variety and choices of food it offers the visitor.

Singaporeans have worked hard to enjoy the rewards and success. The journey has brought us thus far, but it is far from over. Many opportunities, as well as challenges, still lie ahead of us. However, religious ideologies, political instability and natural disasters can all set us back. We have witnessed, in recent years, religious extremism and political upheavals which have led to conflicts, turmoil and social unrest in several countries. As we rejoice and celebrate our achievements today, let us be forward looking and work together for a better Singapore.

Happy Birthday, Singapore.