Monday, June 28, 2004

Artificial Intelligence, Real Life

I am glad to watch A.I. (by Steven Spielberg) again last evening. I have always wanted to "relook" at some of the scenes which I didn't watch carefully at the movie theater the first time.

A.I. is about a robot boy, David, who is such an advanced machine that he is capable not only of feelings but emotions as well, particularly the desire to be loved. I am not so much into the technology stuff, not into whether we have the technological means in creating such an advanced mechanical life, though artificial intelligence is around us everywhere now.

The story tells us how David seeks for a "blue fairy" to give him a real life. It is very much a modern Pinochio story. But the story moves on and tells of the future of the human race, and the continuation of life beyond the human race and anything we understand today (including the speculation of extraterrestrial life). The movie does not just depict an organic life (humans) and a mechanical life (machos, the robots), but a third form. Towards the end of the film, it shows life in a non-material form (neither organic nor mechanic), in the form of pure energy. I wonder how this has gone into the script, for it is beyond the cosmic teachings of most ancient and modern schools.

Friday, June 25, 2004

X Blogs: The Official Site

I have set up another blog for technology purpose. It will primarily log web contents of RFID technology as I am doing a research paper on it now. However, I will not limit myself in the type of information I will place there. That means, it will have all sorts of technology and applied science stuff there.

A New Beginning...

Always wanted to do a personal blog thingie, but always can't find the time. Perhaps it takes more than "finding the time" even to do blogging. Currently doing exams for Master of Engineering Degree at QUT (Brisbane, Australia). So, have to get back to study after I have enuf fun with this.