Monday, December 01, 2008

Collapse of the New World Order?

I join the international community with my deepest condolences to families and friends of the victims of the Mumbai terrorist attack.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Hairy Butter

I find a recent piece of news that Hollywood studio Warner Bros has filed a lawsuit against the maker of Bollywood film Hari Puttar awfully amusing. As a Harry Potter fan (not a great one, but still a fan), I too think "Harry Potter" has some influence on the title "Hari Puttar", although its Indian producers denied it completely.

On the other hand, in the wake of infants falling ill and dying after consuming toxic milk formula from China, I like to share a nice little story, Hairy Butter:

A long time ago in ancient Singapore, where the British once ruled.

One day, Ahmad came home from school and found hair in his butter. So, he ran to Ah Seng. "Seng, Seng, see, dun know why got hair in my butter."

Ah Seng was woke up from his afternoon nap, and reluctantly said, "How I know, let's go ask Adam lah!".

So, the two of them came to Adam's house and told him about the butter.

After listening to the story, Adam said, "I am the smartest in class. And, I think we should go ask the cow."

And the three came to the farm where the cow was. Adam went to the cow and asked, "tell us, cow, why is there hair in the butter?"

The cow replied, "moo...".

"Oh," Ah Seng said, "the cow says we should talk to the cat."

"Ah Seng's right," said Ahmad.

And so, the boys came to the cat, and asked, "tell us, cat, why is there hair in the butter?"

The cat replied, "meow...", wagged its tail and ran away.

"Why don't we ask the dog?" said Adam again.

"Let's go," said Ahmad.

So, they came to the dog and asked, "tell us, Bobby, why is there hair in the butter?"

Bobby lay still on the ground without moving.

"Bobby is sick," said Ah Seng.

"No, he is hungry," said Adam, as he patted Bobby.

Then, Bobby stood up and shook its head. And another hair fell onto the butter.

"Oh..." the boys said together, "it was Bobby."

Moral of the story: Eat clean, stay healthy.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Semoga Bahagia

Today, Singapore celebrates its 43rd birthday. In 1963, when it declared independence from Britain, the island state faced pressing problems such as unemployment, housing, shortages of land and drinking water, and the lack of natural resources. As a result, Singapore seized the opportunity to enter into a merger with Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak to form the Federation of Malaysia the same year.

The merger did not work out well for Singapore. It lasted barely two years before Singapore was separated from Malaysia on 9 August 1965 to be an independent nation. After the separation, Singapore did not give up. With determination and hard work, Singaporeans built a harmonious and progressive society, which today is a model for many countries in the heterogeneous and pluralistic world we all live in.

Happy birthday, Singapore. Semoga bahagia.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Vision That Was

On June 27, Microsoft headquarters staff bid farewell to its founder Bill Gates. Gates co-founded the company in 1975 with the vision to put a computer on every desk and in every home. 33 years later, the vision has been realized and the computer has truly revolutionized our lives. According to research firm IDC, there are currently more than one billion PCs worldwide.

After stepping down, the 52-year-old will devote most of his efforts to philanthropy. His charitable foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is the world's largest charity. While pitting himself against malaria and poverty, Gates will still work on special projects at Microsoft on a part-time basis.

The next time someone boasts of having X computers at home, gently remind and thank the person for fulfilling the vision that was.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

An Open Letter to Janet Nadj of Rental Empire (Queensland, Australia)

Janet, what a greedy, money-sucking horrendous woman you are!
An incompetent "property manager", you scream at your customer with your filthy mouth.

Nadj, what an arrogant, money-mongering vicious woman you are!
Each of the filthy looks on your face reflects so well of your greed and arrogance.

To my complete disgust, Janet, you are a woman of no character.
Bitch! You took three-day rent from me for nothing.

Inarguably greedy and arrogant,
Totally and absolutely disgusting.

Curse you, whore! May misfortunes befall you.