Saturday, July 10, 2004

creAtive maRkeTing

Creative Technology (website) is a Singapore-based electronics manufacturer of PC multimedia products and peripherals. It is famous for its Sound Blaster (website) and has been the market leader in PC sound cards for almost two decades, and that is as long as sound card is part of the standard PC configuration! Creative has always been a strong brand, and its sound cards are the world's best. And it is one of the few Singaporean firms to be listed in the United States.

Today, sound cards only makes up 25% of Creative's revenues. The company has since diversified into other products and services, including not very successful attempts on dot-com businesses. Its current product range includes the traditional sound cards and audio devices, HansVision Chinese software, and various trendy electronics gadgets, such as MP3 players and web-cams.

While based in Singapore, Creative has never advertised on TV for all its 23 years. But that is going to be changed, as its chairman Sim Wong Hoo announced a six-month campaign starting later this month to showcase a slew of its new products. The campaign is intended to run into the busy Christmas season. It seems likely that Creative is going to give shoppers some real creative shopping tips for the festive seasons.

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